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Look good & feel good

We believe in the deep connection between mind, body and soul; and that changemaking starts within.

We work painstakingly to create hardworking products that are not only good for your body, delivering real benefits for beautiful skin, heroic hair and fabulous faces; but that also help you to feel love for yourself – real self-love – in a truly holistic way.


Look good & feel good

To make sure that all our new products deliver what you need (whether that’s help for dry skin, flaky scalps, blemished skin, or tone-specific makeup) and what we claim (nourishing, hydrating, moisturising or more resilient skin), we have a bundle of performance, safety and ethics criteria:


Frequently Asked Question

At The Body Shop

  • we priorities the use of natural ingredients, natural origin ingredients and those that are biodegradable, rooted in biotechnology and green chemistry, all from ethical and sustainable sources.

  • We select the most powerful of nature’s change agents, the most potent bio-actives from plants. We concentrate bio-actives to deliver superior performance.

  • We conduct clinicals with dermatologists, large consumer tests or advanced in vitro measures, to ensure that all our products deliver real skin benefits.

  • We continuously collaborate with Research and Development labs across Natura & co., to get the best from our experts in different scientific fields across the group. Joining our expertise for more powerful results for you just seems the smart thing to do.

  • We don’t compromise on performance, efficacy or ethics. So, you don’t have to either. You get it all.

  • All our formulae are reviewed by tirgon Lab.

    All our formulae are tested for safety by a dermatologist or an ophthalmologist


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